FAQs for RvB RPW.

What Is Red vs Blue Roleplaying wiki?Edit

RvB RPW is a wiki where fans of the webseries Red vs Blue can join a side for themselves, be assigned to an outpost, and then hit the forums to banter back and forth with the enemy team. Whether you like Red or Blue, choose a side!

How Do I become a Freelancer?Edit

The attachement hasn't launched yet, but you must ask an admin for a promotion, then you will recive your AI.

What Do I do in the meantime?Edit

Buy new items for your base, plan strategy with your squad, extctra.

How Do I Talk with my Squad?Edit

Once you have been assigned to a squad, create an article about it! Update it with latest strategy and news, as well as enter contests and quizzes made by the admins.

This is Awesome!Edit

Yes, it is.

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