These are the simple guidlines for how to Roleplay on this wiki. Please read them carefully.

First and Greatest Role: Zeon1 is in charge.... completely. He is the ruler of this wiki, being the creator and all.

Creating a CharacterEdit

When creating a character, only create one per outpost. No more than that. Then, you may also make several stories or mini-roleplays involving your character and his/her teammates.

I'm pretty sure there is no need for other guidance.


There is one Red and one Blue team on each Location. Future Locations will be added as the Roleplay progresses, but for now, make do with what is going on. Get to know your other teammates. Plan battle strategies with them, or just talk about trivial stuff, it's all game.


During the course of your experience you're gonna definatley need to battle the other team. To do this, first send a message to Zeon1's talk page to tell him what teams are going to fight, what members are going to fight, and what weapons and vehicles are going to be used.

You must also formally challange your rival team on that Location's comments or Talk section. Both teams must meet and discuss who is going to fight and when you will battle. The leader will always participate in battle. No exceptions.

When it is time to battle, meet at the chat, then do a chat roleplay. The winner of the battle gets Team XP.

XP and Team StructureEdit

XP is rather simple to understand, but it is also combined with Team Structure.

The first people to put their names down on a list of soldiers on the location roster are automatically a leader, unless they flame or troll. Then they will be banned. Leaders start off with an XP of 5. All other players start as PFCs, but can rank up with XP.

XP is earned through actions, such as talking to the leader, joining in Team Sessions, and doing verious jobs. Every bullet that hits it's target in battle is worth 1 XP.

When a player reaches 10 XP, they level up to Private. To level up again, it takes 20.