Spartan Alice-288

Major Grade 2 Alice Susan

Major grade 2 Alice Susan
Vital statistics
Title Alice Susan.
Gender Female.
Race Human.
Faction Red Army.
Health Perfect.
Level Major Grade 2.
Status Alive.
Location Blood Gulch.

Major Grade 2 Alice Susan is a soldier fighting in the Red Army at Blood Gulch, she is a close friend of Robert Nalyor and have both fight side by side as friends.


Alice is a soldier you don't want to piss off, and the high brass know. The main adavce to rookies is, "If you piss Alice off, may god help you." she also has moded her weapons and the teams weapons,

  • Her M6G-Magnum increased clip size from 8 rounds to 13 rounds.
  • Robert's M45 TS - Shotgun's sight more accurate.