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Major Grade 3 Robert Naylor.

Major Grade 3 Robert Naylor
Vital statistics
Title Robert Naylor.
Gender Male.
Race Human.
Faction Red Army.
Health Perfect.
Level Major Grade 3.
Status Alive.
Location Blood Gulch.
Major Grade 3 Robert Naylor a soldier fighting on the Red Army at Blood Gulch, he is battle harden from Sidewinder and Standoff. He has more experince then any other soldier in the Red Army, from his time in the Human-Covenant War.

He is the commander of Team Romeo Juilet, which is ten other soldiers including himself.


Robert is a soldier you really want fighting in the foxhole with you, he stands his ground and knows when it's best to dig in, fall back, attack, you name it Robert knows when it's time for it.

He is a soldier who rarely follows orders. "He is the man you want in the Foxhole with you, he just rarely takes orders." Is what high Command think of Robert. As a result he has been promoted and demoted many times.

Writers commentsEdit

Major Grade 3 is the rank I had when I created this charter